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Master Thesis Registration at the Department of Finance

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Master in Betriebswirtschaftslehre
Master in International Management
Master in Money and Finance
Master in Quantitative Economics
Master in International Economics and Economic Policy
Please list other courses from Specialisation Finance that you have taken during your master studies:
  Course Title Grade
Finance course 1
Finance course 2
Finance course 3
Finance course 4
Finance course 5
Finance course 6
Finance course 7
Please enter your preferences for the supervisors of your master thesis at the Department of Finance:
Chair of Sustainable Banking (Prof. Dursun-de Neef)
Chair of Insurance and Regulation (Prof. Gründl)
Chair of Personal Finance (Prof. Hackethal)
Chair of Finance, Accounting and Taxation (Prof. Haselmann)
Chair of Finance and Economics (Prof. Inderst)
Chair of Asset Pricing (Prof. Kraft)
Chair of Corporate Finance (Prof. Krahnen)
Chair of Investment, Portfolio Management and Pension Finance (Prof. Maurer)
Chair of Private Equity (Prof. Momtaz)
Chair of Law and Finance (Prof. Pelizzon)
Chair of Real Estate Finance (Prof. Ruf)
Chair of Derivatives and Financial Engineering (Prof. Schlag)
Chair of Finance (Prof. Schmeling)
Chair of Banking and Finance (Prof. Wahrenburg)
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